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I'm not a big follower of stripes, dont get me wrong I love the whole "french" look with the cigarette black pants, beret, black ray bans and the classic black and white striped tee. I'm just not the girl to go out in a classic and simplistic outfit like that. Girls come into zara and look at the striped 3/4 sleeves shirts as if they just saw something so incredibly genius that it would be equivalent to seeing phillip lim's pearled velvet pants in person. and I just watch in awe and wonder how do these girls go for THAT first and not the amazinggg 100% silk cinderella blue lace dress in the front??!?! 

I def accept it's just peoples style and that is why I recently grew an unexpected love for it because spring fashion week2010 is changing it up from the nautical striped tees to transparent stripes!!! now this is more like me! It's good that there are alternatives coming our way for us gals who are a bit more gaudy/opulent/eclectic. they are great staple pieces because you can add your own flava to it. transparent fabrics, and a play with new fabrics to stripes adds a lot more versatility to those who dont find that comfort in jersey knit striped tees. 

everyone, im finally on board with stripes!


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