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Yesterday I finally turned 21! 

And it was spent like anyone should spend it on a tuesday. My fams took me out to breakfast at a french cafe and I got the best hot chocolate ever! then got ready for a night on the town, did some shopping first with my friieend Nikkki! Then we headed over to Freds to meet all my closest friends and there it all began. My plan was to keep it mellow and save the insane partying for the weekend but peer pressure is a bitch and what a well thought out plan of one drink ended up becoming three shots of patron, 2 huge margaritas that were the strongest flippin things ive ever had! then 2 beers. This later led to me spontaneously deciding to hip up a bar afterwards, then skank legg dancing outside for the public to see, falling, tripping on my 5 inch clogs and coming home to throw up 2 times in my trash can, oh and also along this whole process I guess i lost my car keys and now they are no where to be found. 

overall it was splendid apart from the hangover in the morning. but my lovely friends came and pushed those drinks at me and read me dirty riddles and recorded me drunk. a properly well spent 21st! love you all. 

and also let me not forget the countless birthday wishes everyone sent me! my phone kept going crazy from all the facebook and text notifications. and my birthday videos!! and birthday cards and palmistry book, portland ticket, iphone presents!!! oh and the countless amounts of hand sanitizers i got, ya my friends know me well

just a lovely birthday

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