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Merry Christmas! happy holidays!

Merry Christmas everyone! It's finally here, and my fam and I just opened our presents(its midnight). I'm never much of a maker of big demanding christmas lists, cause for some reason EVERY YEAR i manage to already obtain everything i possibly need during christmas season. Happened again this year and of course I ended up with clothes! Got my Zara cape!and other diddies. 

I love christmas season. the christmas songs, the seasons scented candles, bow, wrappings, lights lights lights! its all too good. i do  love putting effort into my christmas gifts. i always seem to take it too far for christmas gifts. the reciprocity between me and the other person is never equal. I go beyond the limits i should go. its just something i enjoy. From the adventure of finding that present to going home and wrapping it in newspaper, fancy festive paper or fabric and tying bows! and make it pretty and watching them unwrap it is the best! 


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