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tulle me up buttercup

Hope everyone is spending their christmas as fabulous as i am! Just had our Bolivian feast with my family. My mama made vegetarian christmas picana for me and it was DELICIOUS!

The holiday season brings out the best in me. I transform into a gaudy lil beetch. I just want to wear floor length skirts/dresses/bell bottoms all the time and wear tons of HUGE flashy jewelry that is typically meant to be worn with a nice cocktail dress, but i prefer to wear it with old ripped sweaters with them instead!
"being precious about un-precious things"

This skirt is the love of my life. it was only like 20 bucks too! whats great about it is that its so unnecessary! When does a girl need to wear a floor length, tulle skirt in california? ill tell you,...never! and thats why i love it. Ive been playing with it a lil by bundling up the hem and pinning it up with a brooche to create a more drapy type look. basically i just feel like a princess when i walk around in it!

WEARING: forever 21 tulle skirt, Zara heel booties, thrifted sweater, vintage scarf as turban, vintage sunnies and forever 21 necklaces



  1. you have such cool style :) so glad i found your blog! hope you had a fab christmas!



  2. just the best skirt! can see why you love wearing it

  3. such a cute look! love it <3

  4. This whole outfit is so fabulous! You look so chic and it looks effortless. I love it!

    <3 Ashley


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