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Armani is makin me haut

Damn you Armani! I was trying to calm down with my sequins and take a break from anything shiny, sequin-y, glittery, or bejeweled but you obvsies dont want me to do that do ya? 

The Armani Haute couture collection for Spring/Summer 2011 is a diamond in the ruff. its an unbelievable collection. It's got a bit of an eastern influence to it and the lurex cant go unnoticed, like ma gaud! look at that high shouldered blazer with huge jewels on it, but it doesnt stop there, it has splotches of texturized lurex that creates this shiny tie dye look...itz fit!(i heard someone say that the other day and im gonna try to start using it, i guess kids these days just come up with random shiet. "fit"? really? its like that time guy started "rufus" like wild fire. ive watched Never Been Kissed way too much). ANYWAYS...Armani hit me so good this year for the couture collection. and did i mention those pants!? they're like two toned/satin-like pants. AND those huge jewels the size of my fist on that necklace/top type thing. i dont even know what to call it but I WANT IT! ma loves!


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