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window light

I'm definitely more of a winter girl, even though I've grown up in california my whole life. but I think its my inner east coast girl that craves it cause I was born in Virginia. I do admit sunny days in california can be much appreciated by me if im in the right mood. I have a decently large space with an enormous window thats the width of my room so I can't complain if the sunlight tends to sneak up on me and light up my whole room. like I said, IF im in the mood then I bask in it. I usually place my sewing table in front of my window, play some rachel portman, or dario marianelli and sew anything that im up for. I remember I spent my whole spring break last year making floral pillows with buckwheat filling and lil installations of lavender filled bags inside them. I'm an old lady. 

so I've definitely built a natural liking for windows recently. It's amazing what a combination of windows, sunlight and blinds can do to an image. Look at these photos, it just proves my point even further that windows can be magical if its the right time of day.



  1. Very nice photos. Inspiring. I'm totally a summer girl, and had to grew up with the harsh winters of Maine!

  2. we should just switch places! hah
    thanks for stopping by :)


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