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DIY: found objects

Okay so ive been making loads of things these past couple of days cause i've had so much free time. I got back into making mixed media art, cause i need more wall decor, i picked up my jewelry making again and yesterday I dug through my fabric boxes and decided to make things?! yup, im just a crafty machine right now. you cant stop me, i aint gonna stop! im like an old crafty lady on acid.( i make too many references about old ladies, its basically what i am). I started making patterns last night and finished one top then picked up on it again today and finished two tops. its just so splendid to get back to doing things you love. My jewelry making erupted when the new year started. i told myself i would be more proactive and i have been. I've finished so many pieces that I can't even post them all up. I'll post some up later but this is what ive got to show so far:
this piece isnt quite done yet. its gonna have a more intricate chain design to it. but i found the pendant? part at the flea market. its like a small leather booklet and when you open it up there are a bunch of old hanging keys. it fuckin brilliant!

I found a bag of old tapestry rope at a second hand store years ago and bought it on impulse thinking id find SOMETHING to do with it and i have! made this piece with home depot hardware as well. 
these were a little more time consuming. I took some scrap fabrics, sewed them into tubes(same method as making spagetti straps for tops) then stuffed them with cotton to give them a more cylinder 3d look. grabbed some hardware pieces and viola! they are made out of jersey so no need for closures. they stretch like a mother. so they fit on anyone. 




  1. I absolutely love DIYs. Love this. AND adore your blog.


  2. ya i live for crafts! its my life.

    thanks melrod! ill be sure to check your blog out too


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