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witchy haze

ive got my:
palmistry book- check
tarot cards- check
all types of crystals/stones/amethysts- check
burning sage- check
lavender under my pillow- check
deathly hallows necklace- check

I definitely should be receiving a Hogwarts letter in the mail soon...
Like really guys, everyone who knows me thinks or either jokes that i am some type of witch/voodoo lady/loony coo coo head. basically people think thats me in a nutshell.

i may have a pattern of liking movies of the same subject: practical magic, harry potter, teen witch(80s nostalgia at its best)... and yes, i may go to the antique barn to bask in the glory of one seller that sells skulls, witch books, decapitated doll heads, and bottled up "fairy breathe" thats labeled 50 bucks. i do all these things but that dont mean im a witch. im just a gal who has eccentric taste. im just the same ole nessa who is sitting in her room at 2am in the morning bundled up in her peach floral vintage bed spread, and um talking about witchery...

so lets all appreciate these photos i have been collecting that pretty much encompass how i dress in the morning when i feel like being professor trelawney.


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