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edge of the world Part 2

Now its Bolivia's turn. it needs my much awaited love. As a kid I hated Bolivia because I wasn't used to the weather and I hated the long flight and disgusting airplane food. I would spend the next week sick in bed because it was so cold and hard to adjust to everything. I used to live there as a lil girl. it was interesting to live there for a bit, I loved visiting my grandparents house. its a three story building and i just remember it looking old, and abandoned with dead flowers everywhere but for some reason I loved visiting that place. I guess I kind of like to imagine my grandmother in her cute 20s dresses watering her plants  while my grandfather was sewing upstairs (he was a designer). 
I've really missed Bolivia, and its where most of my family is. They are scattered in La Paz, Sucre, Cochabamba, and Sicaya. and the food! oh ma gaud. You know I'm a true, genuine Boliviana because of my food palette. Bolivia's got the best. There are empanadas, saltenas, CHICHA! its like horchata but alcoholic and people usually serve it to you in a wooden bowl and you drink it from the bowl. i also kind of want to visit but am a bit hesitant to go to is The YUNGAS. 

The yungas, aka "the road of death" is scary ass shiet. it would be an amazing and BEAUTIFUL drive to take if it wasnt for its super dangerous road. if you look down the cliffs there are a bunch of crosses everywhere marking all the cars that have fallen off the edge. but what makes this place remarkable is that they built the road INTO the cliffs. its a sight to see. I vaguely remember going there as a child and feeling like I was in the rainforest cause there was just so much green everywhere. but i still havent decided if i have the balls to take that trip cause i think the statistic is that 100 people die each day from that drive? yikes!
But i will be going to lake titicaca. I havent been there since i was 5. its been too long, I dont even remember it so I need to take a little boat trip with an authentic bolivian man and his poncho. OOH and I really want to see a parade, Bolivian parades are so fabulous, the cholitas are fabulous. Bolivia is known by this traditional indigenous style. their clothes is so intricately woven and EXPENSIVE. Their outfits are just so rich, i love it. 
I need to stop cause this is turning into a super long post. I miss Bolivia that much. I'm gonna go and lust over Bolivia by myself now.


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