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i'll be at the edge of the world Part 1

It is official, I found out today that I'll be going back to Bolivia and Argentina this summer! I am overflowing with happiness right now! its been about 5 years since I've gone to Bolivia and 2 years since I've visited Argentina. Due to my crazed self at the moment I have decided to dedicate two seperate posts about my yearning to travel back to my long lost loves. Not only do I miss these two places that used to be my home but i cant wait to re-witness and re-experience these other cultures, its beauties, its traditions, its cuisine, and its beautiful people!! 

OKAY Lets begin: Argentina
I have family all over this country. some live in Buenos Aires, and a ton more live in a province called JuJuy. Two completely different atmospheres. Buenos Aires is the capital filled with city lights, fabulous people, and argentinean shops galore! and JuJuy is smaller, greener, more terrains and a lot more desert like. They are both beautiful places to visit.

But one thing I cant wait to do in Argentina this summer is visit Patagonia!!!! It will be my first time going...i know, I should have gone many years ago. Anyways, Patagonia comes from the word Patagon which was used by explorer Magellan to describe the native people his expedition thought to be Giants. in simple terms, its a place where giants once existed(I'm obviously still a kid cause I find these stories so amusing). It will be winter when I go so The Andes mountains in patagonia are gonna be just how i want them to look. and not to mention its the nativeland of the Argentinean Gauchos! 

I'm just a little bit obsessed with them cause they are the ideal man for me. An Argentinean cowboy?? what more can a girl ask for. Lets just say I may be fantasizing at the moment, or recreating that "como agua para chocolate" scene where the sister eats the rose petal dish with duck and goes on a mad erotic rampage outside, take a shower...NAKED and runs off with a cowboy on a horse. so impulsive. so carazy. so hot! dont expect me to come back from Argentina this time cause thats gonna probably happen to me. just sayin. soo where was I? right, Patagonia. This is basically what Argentina has in store for me and im dying of excitement:

My Bolivia Post will be up tomorrow



  1. I'm so jealous, but could not be happier for you! You're going to have to take a lot of pictures and arrange a marriage for me. So next time you go, I can be your carry on baggage for the trip >.< Weeeeeeeee puta hermanita!

  2. haha ya i got to add that to my to do list. and ill take a lot of pictures of my family so you can get a better look


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