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So my friend Marissa and I exchanged christmas presents on christmas day. she gave me this thick book on iconic movies one should see before dying because we are always adding movies to our list. we have this list that has been building for months and we havent gotten through  any of them until now! We came to an agreement on christmas day to get netflix and split the monthly payment. so we did it and now the both of us are obsessively watching movie after movie. our first pick is: Les Cite des Enfants Perdus aka City of Lost Children. one of my all time favorites but marissa hasnt seen it! i know. 

Yesterday I ended up watching 3 movies. thats what your supposed to do on rainy days right? I watched Frida before I went to sleep. I have been wanting to see this movie for a while but it always slips my mind. but i finally watched it and loved it. salma hayek is just remarkable. and julie taymour is the only person who could have pulled this off. no one else would have been capable. THUMBS UP!

and of course, like always, i salivated over the fashion of the movie:


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