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this is what I will do

its 2011 and I started it off on a positive a pixie girl again! 

new years resolutions. i never have any. but this year I have quite a few that are doable and realistic. wellll kind of. a girl can dream(#5)

1. be myself. im always myself but sometimes when we are caught up in other things we tend to lose ourselves.
2. surround myself with good energy and people who have good energy. 
3. eat more fruit cause its refreshing and healthy anddd its also a better substitute than having a bagel for a carboholic.
4. move out of california. seriously. its gonna happen. 
5. meet devendra banhart, woo him, and then marry him. and when we are together, ill have him sing me to sleep. like fo reals this time, and not him singing me to sleep through my itunes.
6. get a second job where i can surround myself with a bunch of cute old ladies. cause clearly, its where i belong.

7. learn to love the sun. youre such a fucking vampire. man up nessa. enjoy the sun. 
8. finish reading my palmistry book so i can read it a second time and master the art of palm reading.
9. be more proactive.
10. read more. please! that ever growing book list must be tackled with immediately. kafka must be read this year. A MUST!
11. dip into matchmaking. just once. just to make two people happy. 
12. get my tattoos! especially my deathly hallows symbol. 
13. be a bad ass and ride a mechanical bull.
14. take a road trip around america and finish off at the harry potter theme park. if you cant tell by now, im a BIG harry potter fan.
16. make terrarium(s)
17. "The sexiest girls are the ones who don’t give a fuck what we thinkabout how they look. WE  REALLY LIKE THAT. If we don’t, then we’ve got issues."- via said by a guy. THIS IS TO EVERY GIRL OUT THERE! I for sure dont give two shits what a guy would think when i get dressed in the morning, and even though i may be wearing what some may consider a "man repeller" ensemble. i can tell guys appreciate. 

Start your year positively. be nice, smile more, dream more, look up at the stars more often. dance naked on a full moon,  dont wear real fur, try new things,  dip your toes in a bowl of jello, basically just enjoy life!



  1. great photos! that's a long list of resolutions! happy new year!

  2. Thank you!!
    I really like your new year list of resolutions! I totally agree with the "be yourself" point!

    I'm gonna follow your blog!(I'm a pixie girl too!)

    Have a nice day!


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