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OUTFIT OF THE DAY: off to the tea house

FIRST off this has been such a nutso week. had sushi for the first time yesterday! i know. no worries, im obsessed now cause the sushi place i went to had the BEST vegetarian sushi! then multiple movie nights throughout the week, and finally saw blue sayin no more.

can i just say i love tea. I absolutely loved tea time when I lived in Bolivia as a child. I looked forward to tea time so much...i was a classy child. my aunt would give me these little crackers and I loved dipping them in the hot tea for a bit till the cracker got moist and in it went. it was scrumptious.

so it was only normal for me to go bonkers when I was cordially invited to a fabulous(< said in british accent) tea party to attend to today. ONLY fabulous people were invited. you understand. it had a strict dress code: wear fancy hat/headpieces or die! like always, for any occasion that seduces me to dress up, I fuckin dress IT up! This called for my pastel vintage dresses to come out which only come out on special events and it always brings joy to my heart to wear them. something some of you may already know is that i collect things...mainly vintage clothes. BUT only a few people have gotten to see my secret closet with all my super ANTIQUE dresses. they are my gems, my pride and joy. like my 1950s sea foam chiffon dress/nightgown, or my 1930s light blue lace shift dress, orrrr my 1950s peach chiffon dress with satin detailing! i narrowed it down to this one cause ive only worn it one other time and the color is so subtle yet so vibrant that I fall in love with it over and over again. it screamed, "wear me vanessa! i'll be good to you, I want to smell of tea and shine in the sun." 

WEARING EVERYTHING VINTAGE! and my mamas shoesies.

so out the door I went and traveled down to old town san juan in southern orange county. its my favorite place to be. We went to the Tea House at Los Rios Historical District. It was the perfect way to spend a sunday afternoon drinking tea and wearing fancy hats. We drank tea, had scones, chatted about similar interests and lusted over the waiters silky long hair. We were there for about two hours just enjoying each others company. then afterwards we walked around the antique barn and parted ways. Well done vanessa! way to spend your day off with such class. brava!



  1. I love that die for!

  2. You were lovely, and your company was lovely! We must do more themed events very soon. Or non themed events.... Basically, just more excuses to dress up with other fashionable people. :)


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