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the people of Turkey

This is a gift I pass onto you that was passed unto me from a friend. If you are a lover of travels and culture then you will love this blog that I am about to give you. I love culture and most of all, I yearn to travel. I am crossing my fingers I go to Argentina and Bolivia this summer. But anyways, there is this blog called "mr and mrs globe trot" and its basically about a newlywed couple who decided to take a 6 month honeymoon around the world?!?!? my gaud! like palease, I wanna take a 6 month trip around the world! So they have this blog where they document everywhere they go with photos that intoxicate me with more desire to go to places I would have not even thought of going to, like: Turkey! Now turkey has been booked on my list of places to go. I thank them for exposing me to all these places.

really?!! this is my dream right here. rose tea? LOVE tea? jasmin balls?!

I was watching "mistress of the spices" the other day(indian/american movie) but I definitely have a new affinity for spices

Culture man. Culture. damn I love it all.

They found a random vintage boutique while traveling in turkey! and the clothes looks unbelievable. Julia and Yuriy, I envy you.


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  1. these are such beautiful photos, i love culture! im sure that vintage store was just amazing! xx


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