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Franken Foods

Cuisine extraordinaire/dear friend, devon wardle finally started her own blog! She's the most amazing cook Ive come across. I've had the pleasure of tasting her food/creations, PLUS her cocktails(during our ladies cocktail night whilst watching multiple skins episodes...british version duh) My recent exposure to her brilliant cooking skills was over winter break when she straight up made me a midnight grilled cheese sandwich under 10 min. it had melted goat cheese, basil and other stuff that i cant remember but i do remember the orgasmic experience in MA MOUTH! there was an explosion of tastes getting all up in my tongue and i took every bite like a fuckin beast. i wanted one more but i didnt want to seem like a greedy ass pig, so i restrained myself. But i think I've proven my point that she has enough credibility to start a food blog. okay. this aint no julie and julia. this is devon wardle and her friend greg! they JUST started it so its a baby blog but follow them! 


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