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Again and Again

Mark Romanek's photo stills from the movie are breathtaking!

ADVICE: please dont watch the film first. Read the book first. You will understand a lot more that way.
I got Never Let Me Go DVD today! Me, my sister and my mom spent our saturday night watching it. My sister and I were curled up in lil balls just getting teary eyed. I dont think I will ever grow immune to this movie's series of emotional roller coasters. Honestly, after reading Never Let Me Go I couldn't get over it. I cant go on a long rant about why I hold it dear to my heart but its just told in such an intriguing way of story telling and a deeper message of what it is to be human. Ishiguro is a creative mind. Its best I stop there cause I could go on for days! Bring up this topic to me in person and you will get some compelling insight. trust me. After reading the book, I read it again and went to the midnight premiere in L.A. with my buddies to see it in theaters and then saw it 2 more times after that and now I got it on DVD. im ridiculous. so whenever I need to hold on to a pillow real tight as my baby for the night, then you'll know that im ready to slip in the movie and cry my ass off.

and speaking of that scene, I found the original recording of the Never Let Me Go song. thank goodness! 



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