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Fleas fleaing

It was the second sunday of the month so of course I went to rose bowl. I was shocked that I managed to find the things I did for such unbelievable prices. LIKE... 1920s copper lightbulb screw caps for only 2 bucks each! my other finds are somewhat messed up for a vegetarian to lust over so a snake skull necklace. yes, I found a necklace made from the skeleton of a snake, or spine or whatever. Its real and I wore it as soon as I bought it. only 15 dollars. by golly I was stoked to have a snake spine around my neck. so wrong. THEN i also found a deer skull! I finally found one that wasn't 50 dollars. I only had 6 dollars left and the guy gave it to me. He told me that Mumford & Sons sang about this specific deer in their song "Little Lion Man" we are talking about a 50 year old indian man at the flea market selling deer skulls telling me all this and helping me pick a name for the skull head. what a character!

I left the flea market skipping with joy. I ended up finding everything dead today. I see it in a way that these creatures lived their lives and died in a natural way and its just the circle of life and its fate that I ended up with these items.


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