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I still have an infatuation with triangles. a year ago I couldn't get enough of them. I made hand dyed pieces with triangle installations in them. I was thooo cool. im such a cool kid. im so HIP. ok shut up vanessa! right, so anyways, I have been trying not to let triangles take over my life again but I at least have to share these amazing shots with you guys and take them off my desktop cause they are taking over all my space! its time to appreciate geometry again. 

someone beat me to it. dis bitch better watch her back! My tattoo will be cooler though cause im adding some stuff to it but im not giving anything away until i get it imprinted on me. obvsies it wasnt enough that my friend went to great extents to get me a deathly hallows necklace(actually it was enough, thank you eela) but i still need my tattoo!

another harry potter reference: This is like the time harry potter saw that patronus in the middle of the forest, except this time its a triangle, and im the one guiding him with my patronus charm. 

xoxo maverick diva

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  1. What is the meaning of the second tattoo ?


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