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I always was, am and always will be in love with hand dipped hair. It's like a revival back from my childhood days. Everyone is doing it! I'm sure some of you had dress up days in elementary school like "crazy hair day" but I didnt have the luxury of my mother knowing how to turn my hair into a cone head but I did have colored hair spray! i grew up wishing I could get away with crazy colored hair but the private school I attended didnt allow it but Im out of there and in the real world and no one can stop me! Last year Proenza Schouler changed my life by having lavender haired models walk down the runway and off I went and got lavender hair! I wish I still had that color of hair but it comes with a lot of upkeep and a lot of work. you know how that goes. But if I still had long hair then I would def have hand dipped hair right now and I'd be like clementine and dye my hair a different color every week!



  1. thanks for the comment! even your blog is very nice !!!!! these pics are beautiful .... if you like we could follow

  2. i love these! its such a great way to add some bold color!!!

  3. I think it's so cool when people are brave enough to dye their hair in a bright colour!


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