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HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE! Hope you all are wearing your easter attire cause I am regardless of the gloomy weather right now -_-
I'm watching my neighbor hide, no correction: toss eggs around our neighborhood right now...she's not doing a good job. she's making it too easy for her kids. She's putting it in plain sight! no no lady, that ain't how you do it. anyways, enough of my creeper status.
SOOOOOO!! This past week was a roller coaster for me! I went to revival tour(one of the best experiences of my life) celebrated a dear friends 21st and had fancy Barfoot Contessa cocktails heh. AND I got some exciting news in the mail so I have to congratulate myself with my longing to get a tattoo. I have been brainstorming like cray cray on the perfect spot to get my first tattoo. I'm not gonna lie, I want to wear loose side boobage/mucle/band tee so I can show off my new tats on my biceps. It's just a thing, you understand. 



  1. You must post pics when the deed is done! I got my first {left wrist} about a year ago and instantly became obsessed about getting a second... can't wait to see pics :)

  2. Rad tats. Love them. Awesome collections of photos and post.

    I Live For It

    Xx. Jewls and Liza


  4. Such a difficult decision to make!!!

    I once saw a picture of a red headed girl who had a Bambi looking tatoo under her forearm (quite frankly I don't know how you call that part of the body sorry) and I thought it looked amazing. Of course after I saw that picture I thought to myself: I don't think I'll get a tatoo I'm not really THAT into them but I can definitely color my hair red, so I did and I loved it hahaha. Anyhow I thought it was a great spot for a tatoo.

    Good luck!!!


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