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Revival tour!

I stomped, I yelled, I jumped...I went crazy at revival tour. I am so glad I wore my ankle boots cause it was perfect for all my hick foot stomping. The whole show from start to finish was a dream. Yea, the L.A. folk were assholes and wanted to tear each other apart but all the people around me seemed to be very happy people. I think we were the very few people in the crowd that were enjoying it for what it was and didn't care if there was an overly enthusiastic girl behind us. I appreciated the excitement, it was a monumental day and if you are gonna pay 50 bucks to stand there to tap your foot then giet the hell out! sorry for the rant. anywaysss I developed my photos!
So many good moments. Alexander crowd surfing. Old crow medicine show, edward sharpe and mumford all playing together for the finale, making new friends and experiencing those moments when all you could really do was close your eyes and sing along while the 5000 people around you clap together with the same rhythm. m.a.g.i.c.a.l.


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  1. are they munfrod and sons on the last photo?


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