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I have this friend and she's kind of really talented. 
She's a gem so stay tuned for more about her. She's one of those gifts that comes bearing MORE gifts. Not only is she a culinary mind fuck genius but she's also a designer(she probs wouldn't call herself that but Im calling her that) shes an artist, a humorous human being, and an adventurist. Too much, I know.We all wish we were as versatile as that. Cooking is her forte but so is art. She does these sick ass designs that one would assume is done under a large dose of some type of hallucinogenic but no, its not. It all comes from that crystal clear mind of hers, and you know that that means pure talent. Shes basically just one of those cool kids you were totes jeals of in high school. So here here, TO DEVON! Her new line of shoes is going to release soon so keep checking back for updates. In the meantime, check out her blog that I've already mentioned before on my blog.


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