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Hello peoplez! It's been pretty hectic for me lately, my busy schedule is to blame for my inconsistent blog posting. Not like me to be inconsistent. One of my besties/hermanita is back in California so I have been kind of living life with her, and her 21st was yesterday so its been festivities non-stop. 
And I have other news! In three weeks I am going to South America for a little over a month. Im going to Bolivia and Argentina to visit my huge family and explore ma homeland! So this means MAVERICK DIVA will be MIA for the amount of time Im gone. I wish I could update my adventures to you guys but I decided Im gonna leave my laptop behind cause Im going to be backpacking most of the time. 
This trip has actually awaken the hibernating shopper in me to buy necessary and unnecessary items. Ive snatched some amazing things. It's going to be winter in Bolivia and Argentina so I gotta layer up but those cold weather conditions didnt stop me from buying this J.crew floppy hat yesterday. This is a lil sneak peek for my next outfit post. My most recent purchases will be revealed in full lata. 



  1. I should be your guest blogger while you're gone because I'm clearly the most fashionable person you know... ... right....


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