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Shoe fetish

Sorry for the lack of posts. It's been a busy week but Im gonna get on daily post wagon again! Promise
High heels have taken over my life! About 90% of the shoes I own have some type of heel on it and lets just say thats a lot of heels. I was talking to a friend the other day and it seems that nowadays the heels just keep getting higher and higher. I'm def on board with the dirc I remember 2 years ago my highest heels were my 4inch gold studded Louboutin knock offs, now I have shoes that go up to 6 inches high! but I hit my all time record this past week when I went shopping on Melrose and found 7inch black platforms for 50 bucks! I debated on whether I should get the Jeffrey American flag platforms or these and I picked my black widows instead. SO OBSESSED! I have a shoe fetish and it's sometimes unecessary but it's the inner Carrie in me and I cant do anything about it. You all can relate, I'm sure you have all had those Bradshaw moments where you probably shouldn't have purchased those Manolo Blahnik but they called out your name and you had to get them. Happens all the time. 



  1. I so agree with you and I think I have way too many Carrie moments! Lol I wish my closet space would grow as quickly as my shoe collection would!


  2. candy- I agree!! closets should be made to be able to expand when you need to. that would be the future!

    thanks for visiting girls!


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