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Emma Mullholland Spring/Summer 2011/2012

It takes a lot of appreciation from me to mention, let alone shout out a collection on my blog. I decided a while back that there is no need to talk about collections on my blog because there are so many other people out there doing that job for me. But when I come across a rising star with a spectacular collection, I HAVE TO MENTION IT! Of course all the big designers always have great collections but they dont need me to tell you guys all that. Well hear comes the next big star: EMMA MULLHOLLAND. This Emma is a gem, a pure gem. And her collection is extremely appropriate for summer weather. I just recently stumbled upon her graduate collection and it is BLINDING! She recently collabed with famous photographer, Byron Spencer to shoot her collection and both minds combined was the best thing to do. I love this collection, its got this 90s beachy look to it with layering of textures and fabrics, annoying(good) bright colors, kaleidescope-esque prints and mixing and matching of all of this together in one outfit. My gaud its just what I needed. The fix I needed. 
P.S. I leave for South America this friday so tomorrow I will leave you lovers an amazing post! I will miss you all but ill be back.


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  1. So refreshingly beachy and I love all of the rainbow! The last picture is AMAZING, she looks like a mermaid! Nice post, I love this stuff! Will definitely be looking out for her.

    --Megan//The Martian Tide


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