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inspiration: Synchrodogs

Cloaked from head to toe was the first thing I noticed when I was flipping through Synchrodogs' flickr. An amazing Ukranian duo that uses crappy cameras to capture eery photographs. I'm madly obsessed with Tania Shcheglova and Roman Nove's aesthetic, I cant get enough of them! I came across their collection through a photo website and instantly fell in love. All the photos I was saving from that website onto my desktop all turned out to be Synchrodogs' work, completely unintentional. So I looked into them some more and havent stopped looking at their photos. I found their habit of covering their models from head to toe so aesthetically pleasing, its just a unique way to create that as their "style" while always achieving an eery look to the photos. Anyways, I am inspired with their style and the images they capture, its just gripping to my eyes. They're on the rise right now so keep an eye on them. Take a look at them, the photos just speak from themselves. 



  1. Oh my god, incredible, these photos are amazing! I can't choose a favorite! Checking them out right away! Thanks for posting these :)

    --Megan//The Martian Tide

  2. lovvve this post. these photos are brilliant.

    Madeleine xx


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