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Catching up

I just created a new header for my blog, still playing around with other designs but this is my first design I will be testing out! I have 2 other designs that I will change every week and we will see which one is best! I am in the process of updating Maverick Diva so there will be minor changes coming soon just to give that overall clean look and easy access to all of my other websites. All for you! 

Now that I am back, I had to catch up on my online shopping and boy did I get a great piece that only an online website could deliver at a great price. Internet has been out of my reach for 5 weeks so Im over heating myself with all this internet! I purchased an amazing universe printed floor length dress! Cant wait to get it in the mail.


  1. i love it! great work. your blog is really interesting and inspiring!

  2. thanks girl! glad you like the new look!


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