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I am finally back online after a long but amazing 5 week vacation in South America. I don't even know where to start but the trip was a literally a mind trip. I've gone to Bolivia for years but this time I saw so much more than I usually do. I lived in nature for so long that I am a changed woman now!  I just want to hike, explore, wear all tribal wear and im not talking about ethnic print trend, im talking hardcore traditional bolivian garb. Okay, so Im gonna try to keep this post a good length with loads of photos and pictures. Here are some photos from my trip. Only some. I have 10 rolls of film to develop! 
This is where my grandparents live, in a small deserted village between the mountains. I spent my best days here eating all vegan organic food straight out of my grandparents garden. And I also ate the sweetest fruit that has ever touched my palette. and this is really the view of where they live. No lies, just beautiful.

My favorite street in Bolivia was "Calle de las Brujas" aka Street of the Witches! They had weird/cool shit all over but one thing that just freaked me out was the dried up lama fetus' that were on sale. The fetus' is used as a offering in a ritual to Mother Nature. 
I went to a couple of museums and one of my favorites was the traditional clothing museum of Bolivia, they had a long dark hallway of all the traditional folklore dancing outfits. The detail gone into these costumes/clothing is just unbelievable. 

I went to Las Yungas aka Most dangerous road in the world! The fearful 3 hour drive into Las Yungas was so incredibly worth it. I think I hit my peak here, the view was just awe inspiring and it just made me think there is so much more that I need to see in the world. The Yungas mountains are so high up in altitude that we actually drove INTO the clouds. that high up! And as soon as you go into the clouds its all just a misty rainforest DREAM! trees protruding horizontally on steam mountains sides, everything is covered in something green and the smell, oh the smell was so fresh!
People of Bolivia, PEOPLE!!!! This is how life is over there and that is why I love it so much. Spices galore! 1000 of different types of potatoes and of course the Cholitas who inspired my new way of dressing!
And how can I go on without showing you lovelies just a few of my many purchases! I found this amazing necklace from a lady who has been collecting these stones for years and she finally decided to sell them, super antique and super cheap. it was 200 Bolivianos which roughly adds up to like 25 american dollars. And this amazing neon threaded jacket I bought on the street from a lady who had them in every color of the rainbow. They use this jacket for the traditional dance festivals, typically used for the lavish Bolivian parades but Im going to use this baby till the arm is falling off!

Thats all for now folks! Its so good to be back, I'll be posting a brand new outfit post maybe tomorrowz!


  1. amazing photos! I adore South America, though I've never been to Bolivia! Glad to have you back!

  2. Looks like an amazing trip! My best friend just got back from traveling South America as well, it sounds incredible. I'll make it someday! welcome back

    --Megan//The Martian Tide

  3. I love all of the beautiful colors. I am able to see the local culture in a wonderful light. What kind of camera are you using?




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