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Happy Halloween to all! This is my favorite time of the year. A day where you can dress up as anything your mind can think of. The endless possibilities! Mine weren't endless cause I didn't want to waste money on a costume, I never wanna spend money on a costume. I had to dress up though because we had a costume contest at work so I looked through my closet and found my galaxy dress. Super easy to do, I painted my face as the galaxy, put on my Acne wedges and voila! I am yo Universe! I have been making my own costumes for a while now. The only time I remember having a real costume was when I was 8. My mom went out to get us last minute costumes and she grabbed what was left in the store, so I was left with a clown costume and a neon pink afro wig. I was mortified! My younger sister was dressed as jasmine, how did she score that one? I have no clue but I was stuck with this costume and my mom didn't have red lipstick for make-up so she opted for shimmery pink. I was a pink catastrophe. I look back and just laugh at my dismay.
Go crazy if you didn't already this weekend!


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