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inspirations: The Workplace

So I don't know if I mentioned this already but I got hired at Buffalo Exchange as a buyer a couple weeks back and I think I'm finally settling in and getting comfortable with the crazy environment this location has in Portland. But one thing I probably will never get over is the constant flow of merchandise we get! It's a war zone between the employees and the rest of the world. not really. Im just over dramatizing everything. Everyone is so lovable but we all get that first hand basis on what comes in. And I realized today that I am constantly being inspired by the merch, the customers and of course all the unique and eccentric employees I work with! 
Here are my obsessions(Im kind of all over the place):
My signature: Ethnic/cultural anything. But I'm talking genuine here. We have authentic indian stuff in the store and one thing missing from my already culturally clashing closet is a long robe-like gown. Like this one. I need it. NOW!It's been a long dream of mine to own a luxurious/glammy silk robe to prance around in my ny loft. I think its time to invest in a piece like this. 
sheer layers over more sheer layers is becoming an unhealthy obsession of mine. and bold colored fedoras and lavish faux furs are a necessity.
sweaters and lots of them. slouchy ones, thick ones, cropped, uneven hem, bat wing sleeves. Just give me every kind of sweater there is and Im set for fall and winter for the rest of my life.
Beige, beige and more beige. Put that all together and you get...BEIGE!
Leather. Enough said.


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