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Portland Struck by Sole!

Last night I went to a special place. A place that will make you all rage with jealousy. yes, RAGE. JEALOUSY. I visited the new flagship store opening for Solestruck! This is one of the many great things about living in Portland. I strolled over to the store last night with some new friends, one being the fab-u-lous Andre, better known as Baby A or Buck or Rich Port. We strolled through the store, several times, drank some free boxed wine, (Solestruck knows how to do it right) stumbled upon the backroom which had tons of patterns hanging from the cieling that I wanted to steal! and of course we met some interesting people that work for the company and received a swag bag fo our swagg. And the place was filled with women wearing the most fierce footwear. Girls went out to impress, regardless their ability to actually walk in the shoes. But hey, you gotta do what you gotta do right? All in all it was a great night. If you are ever in Pland, you need to stop by this store. You won't be disappointed. 
This is my Solestruck "Swag bag"
Vice mag
Cheap Monday belt

T-U-K coasters
Dolce Vita and Sam Edleman totes
Alcohol w/ a straw
Little pencil bags and bracelet



  1. Omg!
    Lovely shoes and pics <33


  2. these shoes, where can i buy them?


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