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Cheap thrills!

WARNING: Very unlikely post. I usually don't share my secrets but I have to share these amazing finds!
After my bday( on the 5th. Libras Unite!) I had some money to spend but I wanted to be super smart about it. I wanted to use the money I had and squeeze out as much as possible. So the best thing to do in that situation is to look for crazy cheap prices. Thrift stores are an old fad and they seem to be picked at too much these days, but the web is an endless outlet! I am going crazy over these look-a-like designer items and I'm sure most of you will be as thrilled as I am. I am a shoe girl so I purchased a ridiculous amount of shoes the past couple of days. These days I'm not one to jump impossible lengths to get the latest designer shoe ex: JC lita, or anything past $100. Im cheap. I like variety rather than just having a monotone collection of the same designer. There is more out there that is cheap and may not be designer but it sure as hell looks like it! Love you all! I hope you enjoy. 
 Left: believe it or not this is designer. It's the Messeca wedge that retails at $169. 
Right: These HIGHER wedges are $41!

The top purse has been flying all over the blogosphere for months now. Neon is all the rage, and I admit, it has taken over my closet as well.
 You can find this pink purse for $9

Left: is the Christian Louboutin sandal platform that sells for $695! Steve Madden came out with a similar platform at a price of $158. 
Right: sells for $ 34.10! Can you believe it?! 

I dont know the designer of the top to the left but I have mentioned several times that I am crazy for Lurex/foil looking fabrics and ASOS just came out with several items that appeal to me but still too expensive for my taste. 
Right: is $50.99! 

Left: Jeffrey Campbell Suebee flat platform (I love you!). retail value of $134
Right: and the adorable glitter ones on the right are only $15!



  1. I love this post ! is exactly of what i was talking about in one of my post onmy blog ! STYLE DOESN'T HAVE A PRICE TAG! , lovely finds and so cheap! lovely . great job.

    The Trendy Machine .

  2. Cool finds!

  3. Definitely very budget friendly. Easy on the pockets so great of you to share your secrets.

  4. thanks girls! Thanks for the bday wishes! :)



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