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New years part 2: copper love

Um so I've kind of noticed that I'm resorting to one particular hue in sequins: COPPER! Everywhere I go I always go for the shiny copper things. Even ma nailz are a glittery  copper. Silver, gold or any other color are not an option for me. Oh and Zara's got this amazinggg copper painted sweater that looks like you melted a shit ton of pennies on it. Brilliant. If anyone would be willing to pay 80 bucks for a sweater then send it my way puhhlease!

WEARING: Anthro wide legged pants, Ann Taylor Loft copper sequined top, Hat from Bolivia. Rings were all bought in pland. And no need to shout out the shoes I was wearing cause my pants are so massive they make any shoe disappear. These pants are kind of an attention whore.
Just 3.5 weeks left for NYE! 


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