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New years part 1: Bruja me up

I'm in trouble guys. I don't have my new years outfit yet! I know what you are thinking, that shit should have been decided months ago but I've been busy OKEY! And due to my non-existent budget, I am forced to conjure up an outfit with clothes that I've already got. I know, ABSURD! But then I thought this could be fun IF I make it fun. Sooo I am going to do a "NEW YEARS OUTFIT" series of posts each week until the last week of dec. This is going to avoid any drama on the nye night cause I am one indecisive individual. And I hope all you lovelies help me out and tell me which one is your fav. ok, Lesss doo dis! 

First outfit I bruja'd IT UP. Robes, crystals, dead animals and what not. Instead of sequins, I resorted to transparencies and took out my jewels. Wearing all vintage and my steve boots. I have some vintage jewelry on and some of my own jewelry. Head piece, and bullet casing necklace were made by me. And yes, that is a real snake spine necklace around my neck and no you may not have it! Could this be the first outfit I wear for THE 2012? 



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