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I went to the Flea Market with my family this past sunday. I went to stock up on my jewelry supplies. On my search for my fav raw crystal seller, I stumbled upon a rack of clothing and found this skirt. I'm so glad I purchased it, it's a new favorite of mine. The colors are bold, the condition is perfect and the embroidery is stunning. It inspired me to dress like Frida, a toned down and modernized version of her of course. I always tend to go back to cultural inspired garb. Being ethnic is what I do best!

In other news, I've got my supplies so I've been busy at work finishing some amazing pieces. Check out the necklaces I'm wearing in the photos cause they are going to go up on my etsy store soon. Anddd I gotta get these prepared for the RAW artists showcase I'm doing in Feb. woot woot. 

Wearing: Forever 21 top, Flea Market skirt, Steve Madden Grettta platforms, Necklaces designed by me.

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