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Luna Tucumana

Can we all just take a minute to look at these amazing vintage tarot cards!! I did some tarot card readings with EELA last night. Lets just say that I got a horrible card for my future. I think I had a spiritual awakening. I woke up this morning with a different spirit. It's the end of January and we're onto a new month, so I'm ready for a new beginning man. I'm ready to cleanse myself. Ya this is what my friend and I do at midnight on monday nights... 

And I can't seem to stop listening to Mercedes Sosa, I'm reuniting with her and it feels so good. My parents always listened to her when I was a kid. It just seems appropriate for my state of mind right now. I'll be singing to the moon with her tonight. 



  1. I'm getting you a copy of the buddhist book I was telling you about.

  2. Surprising and great.


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