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Inspirations: The Woods

Ok, so my close group of friends and I recently agreed we should go camping in the near future but there is a princess in the group that can't handle an extreme nature filled adventure. Therefore, We came to the consensus of renting a cabin instead! We are all pretty stoked because we'll be secluded, in the woods, with our friends, and going wild. Sounds like the premise of a scary movie. Oh well. I can't wait to go into the woods cause our cabin is going to be so adorable. Some people may think I'm the last person to be all nature-y and shit but I am a nature girl at heart. Growing up, my parents enjoyed taking my sisters and I camping and the love I had for it never faded. Plus living in Bolivia as a kid wasn't luxury living either, so I'm used to that less demanding lifestyle. But don't get me wrong, I love me a warm shower and a nice bed to sleep in. It is really rare though, to find people who are willing to give up showers, technology and other necessities to nature for just a lil while. To take a break. Thoreau knew what he was talking about.

And here's a lovely video that Oracle Fox worked on. Just so appropriate for my trip. Who said you can't cute and fashionable when you go camping? 



  1. i love camping!!! i seriously don't go often enough. it sounds so fun. and yes, it could totally be like a scary movie too! lol. thanks so much for visiting my blog and commenting. hope you have a fun time! <3


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