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You remember what I was saying about my 70s/tribal obsession in the last post? Well this is what I meant. My unnecessariness escalate to an all time high yesterday. It's like I've come to a crossroads where the 70s, Iris Apfel, and African culture all somehow intermix with each other and create a wonder of so many elements. I kept thinking Iris Apfel probably dressed like this when she was my age. If you don't know by now, Iris Apfel is my icon! 
As for my outfit goodies, I wore all of the newest editions to my closet in one complete outfit. I foolishly WISELY got these Kimichi Blue platforms that I soon discovered are the most dangerous shoes I own. I may have severely hurt my ankle walking in these bitches but I am determined to master the art of walking in heels that have 5 inch platforms. As for my beautiful kimono/robe whatever you may call, I found it at a thrift shop. For 3 bucks! 
Oh and don't mind my ridiculous amounts of jewelry. How can this kimono go without statement jewelry?

WEARING: Thrifted kimono, Kimichi Blue Platforms, Dee Lux sunglasses and jewelry from Anthro, Forever21, vintage and My own Designs. Orange clutch from wholesale-orders. 


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