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I did this collage for the TBA solestruck giveaway and I was one of the 3 winners and I got to pick my free pair of shoes from the Spanish shoe creators of TBA. It was suppperr hard to just pick one cause I honestly am in love with all of their shoes. They have amazing flatforms and they also had some kick ass studded ankle boots. But I finally made my decision on their aztec print JIM wedges. I've been keen on tribal/cultural/70s prints and vintage national geographic photos lately so my pick seemed appropriate. When I saw the JIM, I thought they had everything encapsulated in them that I have a liking to at the moment. I feel like my style is evolving all the time, and for the moment being, I seem to be dressing like someone from the 70s with an obsession in BIG ethnic jewelry. Like I have said multiple times, "ethnic is what I do best!" So here are my inspirations.

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  1. Beautiful collage! You totally deserved that win!



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