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KONY 2012

um I can't believe it's been 9 years?! I remember when I saw the first invisible children movie way back when I was a freshman in high school. Well here I am again, totally behind these guys to help them in anyway possible for this next task. Just forget about all the assholes who are bringing any kind of negativity to this cause. Just shut them out. Just watch this video and please understand that the issue here is KONY and that no child should be subjected to the things that these Kony abductees have endured. Spread the word! Let everyone know. It's crazy to think that a global community can make such a tremendous difference. I guess our generation is populated with fighters who can't watch and allow stuff like this to happen. I'm proud of us! There's already over 30 million people who have watched this 30 min video in just 3 days. If you haven't watched yet then I leave you with this video and hope you jump on the KONY 2012 bandwagon.

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