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This is long overdue. A post in general is long overdue. Sorry guys, my new job has taken over my life. know how you hear stories about hippies in the 60s being all free spirited and traveling to places for no reason? Well my other half and I decided to bring that lifestyle back. Two weeks ago we agreed to take a roadtrip to Arizona. This trip was not predetermined, we had absolutely no solid plan as to why or what we would be doing in Az. We started driving friday night and slept on the side of the road the first night. We got an early start Saturday morning and arrived at our first stop: Last Chance. For some of you who haven't heard of last chance(shame on you) it's literally fashiongirl on a budget heaven! We went in, battled our way through to what we wanted and got out. Then we headed over to the grand canyon! We were already mentally preparing ourselves, because we knew we would start to hyperventilate once we arrived. But like any spontaneous trip, things usually just happen organically. Eela looked up "spiritual places" in Arizona and SEDONA popped up. We decided to make a pit stop before heading to canyon le grand and well shit got magical. We didn't know what was coming up ahead, and we were just being us and letting the road take us where it may and then we saw it! We drove up to one of most magical places we both have ever laid our eyes on. We simultaneously let out a huge gasp and were left with no words. Sedona, aka red rock country aka THE VORTEX took our hearts that day and will never give it back, and we're ok with that. Strange things happened, Sedona was it's own world. It was detached from the chaos that Arizona brings, and it didn't want us to leave. The Vortex had an enormous power over us and I can't explain it, because most of you will probably think I'm a crazy woman. All I can say is that there are not many places that have had that strong of an effect on me. Eela and I plan on returning sometime in the near future. That is all for now.

Xo Maverick Nessa

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