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The Perks

Many of you may know that I recently moved back to LA! My first week was chaotic. I may have overestimated my will power to both party and work and still manage to stay alive. But one of the perks of being back in LA is the fashion district. Just hold up before you say anything! Some may say downtown/la fashion district is shit BUT those people aren't looking closely enough. I've been spending my weekends roaming the streets of Santee Alley making some of the best purchases I've made in a while! Just this past weekend, I snatched myself a pair of the Austin Cutouts that are currently sold out on Nasty Gal. I'm a regular at a shoe store in the f district. And they had one last pair! the display shoe! and it was my size! I wasn't aware Nastygal was selling these in the blue version, but the moment I saw them I fell in love. The people at the store love me and they sold them to me for 30 bucks instead of 70 somethin dollars! kachowww! I got the orange version, which I love so much more than the blue. Tangerine is my go to color for summer. Here are a couple of crappy photos(I literally just took them and I'm still working on the lighting in my place) of my latest purchases! I got some one size dresses in amazing placement prints and I got this amazing Kaftan with a Ganesh figure planted right in the center of mi belly! 


Austin Cutouts as seen on Nasty Gal! My flash is stupid and made them look yellow but they are actually a lovely mellow orange. 

XO Maverick Nessa 

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  1. Those shoes are fab! Even better that you got them on sale ;)

    Monochrome Magpie


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