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Heated up

Im back from the dead! I have been hard at work trying to launch back my two etsy sites. They are both live now and things can be purchased and new things are being added weekly! I've got a new batch of goodies for my vintage shop and my jewelry shop. You can check both out here:

I'm glad to be back in the blogging world again. I have a bit more additional time to sit down and actually write so here I am, all of me, for you guys. Now on to more important things I would like to discuss: THIS FUCKING HEAT WAVE! I have been sweating places that I don't ever want to sweat out of again. I want it to get cold, I want to be able to walk out of my house with my black high waisted bells and not regret it instantaneously. I feel like whatever I wear, I feel horrible in. NOTHING IS COMFORTABLE OR WORTHY OF THIS WEATHER! *Angry* This heat is making me lose my mind. And to make matters worse, I decided to take a road trip to Las Vegas on Labor Day Weekend?! I'm a crazy itch. So If you are in California, I feel your pain, I am on the same heated boat as you. In other news, I have a couple of gems I snagged these past couple of weeks. 1. My new favorite top, my virgin mary button up! I was watching Romeo and Juliet circa Leo Dicaprio and their gangster/90s/beach goth vibe got me going. I went on a mad witch hunt to find the perfect mary shirt and I snagged this baby for 12 bucks. 
2. My dad has been holding out on me. He had a hidden stash of gems in his old photo studio of ridiculous props and clothes that he purchased back in the 90s. They were stuffed in a bag and unused so I took a butt load of sequined halters/tube tops and the amazing Americana sequined flap back seen in the photo above! 


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