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Schools out forever

Summer in California is nothing new, this weather is all year round for us. But I am appreciating the sun more than I used to. It's been making me a lazy ass and I'm ok with that. I have been sitting at home watching Purple Rain, House Party and Poison Ivy all back to back while wearing this cali lazy kid get up. Dont Judge.
IF I were going out in this lovely weather, I would wear nothing but 1970s outfits. Tavi Gevinson's got it all right, she knows how to pull on my heart strings. This shoot she did reminded me of why I even began to obsess with the 70s. Why I ritually watched dazed and confused so much when I was a tween that I tried to live like everyday was the last day of school. The 70s have been the backbone of my wardrobe lately. Most people who have known me for years know that I am not a jean pants type of girl, but people change. I feel like now, my different array of dramatically flared jeans have become a major staple in my wardrobe. Platforms and Flared Jeans are where its at people. 


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