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Photo Diary: Winter is coming

It rained today! All day! I was the happiest person. I ran out on my break and stood in the rain with my arms out, just taking all that shit in. I waited for this day to come since summer started and now I finally feel like myself. I always feel my best in the fall.
Now that I have my own camera, I have been attempting to use it as much as I can. Here are a couple shots from the past two days. First one is obviously me being excited about the colder weather. Annnd the rest are from the amazing show I went to at the Greek just yesterday to see Grizzly Bear. That venue itself is magical, with the illuminated trees hovering over you as the sounds from the stage vibrate through your soul. I went with my friend Devon, and we were overly satisfied with the whole show. There were numerous times when we would simultaneously look at each other and approve of the many favorites they decided to play for us. The guys of Grizzly Bear put on an amazing show. I even feel weird referring to them as grizzly bear, because they are all such great individuals who blew me away, and I feel like I have to commend them on their talents one by one. Christopher, the drummer was a charismatic gem, Ed was such a unique soul, Daniel's voice translated so well at the venue, and Chris could easily be a one man show with his endless talents. One main factor that made the show even greater were the jelly looking lanterns dancing all over the stage. And the harmonies...the flipping harmonies man. Those men know how to sound good together, there was such a great balance between all of them and the greatest part is that they all have tremendous voices on their own. Everyone shined in their own way and I love these guys in a way I never expected to. 
Just give their music a listen if you haven't yet. Oh and Happy Friday everyone!

Until next time
Maverick Nessa

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