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Shoulder pads

okay i must admit i was a little on the edge when i heard shoulder pads were coming back. the hair on my arms rose up, and gave me goosebumps. I feared that we were returning to 80/90's when women wore ugly colored pants suits, with enormous shoulder pads that made you 5 times wider than your original body. it was horrible news for me, but like always genius fashion designers find a way to relieve that stress and fear and once again impress their followers, such as myself. who ever thought shoulder pads from the 90s could be even more exaggerated, yet look flattering, futuristic and incredibly chic.

i was looking at some runway shows, and began to crave the hunger to own a good piece with modern shoulder pads. givenchy and balmain showed what they can do to our ugly's past, and transformed shoulder pads by going minimalistic, and going glamorous. i was drooling over Balmains one shoulder cocktail sequined dress, with the one extreme shoulder. it was amazing, and givenchy's minimalist black dresses, with a futuristic feel to it. 

well after long much thought, and convincing, i decided shoulder pads today are okay in my book. and im on my way to go hunting for some good vintage to reconstruct and make on my own. 

ta ta. go do the same. lets go out into this world looking like we want a better, and cooler looking future. 

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