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rockers socks!

so its safe to say rocker style is a maja trend right now. right? RIGHT! leatha jackets, studs, leatha pants and so on. it makes everyone look badass and super fashion foward all in one. but Marc Jacobs thinks otherwise when he was found saying that he is tired of seeing young girls in black studs and quote: "its not such an individual expression." 

ah *scoff* excuse me!?!? Marc, please do understand that there may be a few "wannabe" girls out there with a lame attempt to the rocker style, but there are US out there, girls i mean, that know what we are doing, and we do it with a sense of expressionism. it hurts when you say stuff to me like this Marc, why? why Marc, why did you have to say that? *sobbing* no, no im okay, im okay. ill be fine, cause i LOVE STUDS!

yes, Mr. Jacobs may be getting a wrong interpretation of young girls wearing studs, such as those trendy chicks who are JUST realizing studs are in, and buying anything at forever 21 or bebe that has some hardware style to it. its ridiculous i tell you, it makes the rest of us look bad. all fashionista bloggers out there who have sported studs galore in the past I SALUTE YOU! YOU DO IT WELL! 

anyways, enough of my jabbering and imaginary convos with Marc. Rocker style is coming back, and by back i mean a completely different direction! think 80's glam rock. think ALMOST FAMOUS! remember when long haired rockers wore sexy low cut shirts and showed off their pecks? yup well balmain is bringing it back. his spring 2010 collection has his military inspiration still intact  BUT has more of a rocker/gladiator/greecian/glam rock goddess look to it. im obsessed! im going B A nanas about it!

check out the picture above, and click it to enlarge.  there are some great sequined pieces that dont seem to be going away(im glad). and then some gladiator style leotards(demi moore wore on the cover of W). and of course my number1 obsession, the gold low cut shirt. simple, chic, and rocker 80s style. mm

xoxo maverick diva

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