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sunset Annie

so today i went to the regional park, and i got in for free! it was wonderful, and i went over to the lake and walked alongside ducks. me and my sidekick wandered around from bridge to bridge, gazebo to gazebo and then fed the ducks. it was an adventurous and nature filled day! i am so exhausted right now, i worked non stop this weekend and had tons of cheesecake. bad choice. but on a good note, i bought the new ROUGE lipstick from sephora and wore it today like a victorian goth champ! i love it to death. its my new best friend

i found this amazing nude pink victorian goth dress the other day at thrift store for 2 dollars! along with a long black velvet dress, and a Balenciaga look alike dress. its been a good week.

wearing: vintage victorian dress, Paulo platforms, Forever 21 studded belt, vintage AnnieHall sunglasses.


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  1. Where do you thrift at? some people have all the luck, love the dress the colors amazing


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