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Rorschach Me

So the day is almost here! I am showcasing my jewelry at a RAW event tomorrow and I am super excited. I've been hard at work and it is all gonna pay off. If you live in the Orange County area, then I suggest you go over to the Yost tomorrow night. It's gonna be an awesome event with photographers, other artists, musicians, press and friends. For those who won't be there, I'm giving you a sneak peak as to what I am going to wear for the a long night of heavy drinking and jewelry  chatting. I got this rorschach dress from ZARA on sale a couple of weeks ago and I've been saving it for a fashion-y night. Well Vanessa, here is your chance. ooh and I just got these shoes at U.O. for 20 bucks. I am a discount queen! And one last thing, you all gotta stay tuned cause I'll be doing a crazy good giveaway. In the meantime, I've been posting some new pieces on my jewelry site. check them out:

It's super sunny today. Ignore my face. 

WEARING: ZARA dress, sequined moto jacket, Deena and Ozzy boots.
Accessories: bracelets my own designs, vintage earrings and vintage rings. 

Here are just a couple of pieces I've got up for purchase. I have plenty more coming so keep checking back



  1. Loving your outfit and your jewelry! So cute!

    keep in touch?

    Eau de Violet

  2. cool pictures and cool outfit! loving all your jewelry also. thanks so much for commenting on my blog. come back again and take a look at my newest post on my new harem pants. theyre super cool. i think youll enjoy it. dont forget to follow me!
    xo alax

  3. Oh! What a great dress!! And pics are really cool too! I like your jewelry, keep up the good work!

    Peace and love!

  4. Nice blog! I lovvvvvve this dress! All of your handmade stuff is awesome- I wish I was that talented!

    1. auh thank you so much! it means a lot :)


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