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Sun inspirations

I just reconnected with pinterest a couple of days ago. I had a little break from it cause I was getting unnecessary. But I am back with full force and this is a compilation of my latest pins. I'm sure you will notice my aesthetic, and what I'll be sporting these sunny days. I'm obviously wearing an african inspired maxi right now. Being all ethnic and shit while I write this post. My main goal to dressing on these upcoming hot days are comfort but still looking incredibly fabulous at the same time. I've collected a number of amazing printed kaftans the past couple of months and they've become my best friends. I wear them all day and don't mind it at all. Just put on some killer bold jewelry(bring out that Iris in you)and put on some snazzy shoes and you are set. Comfortable and still fabulous. It's a hard to thing to pull off but I figured it out and I'm loving every minute of it. If you know me well, then this is a big leap for me cause comfort was never considered whenever I put on my outfits, but now it's kind of become somewhat important? well, Im getting there. Enjoy your memorial day! love you all.

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